These are a few of the key benefits of our services

  • Free Data Collection.

  • 24/7 Live interactive kiosk.

  • Available in over 100 different languages.

  • Customizations for every business.

How it works

The Hotel
The AOTB kiosk is free to the locations they are placed. All updates to the kiosk are done remotely and are at the discretion of the hotel or resort. Each AOTB kiosk is completely customizable and is tailored to each location.

The Kiosk:
The kiosk’s sleek design and somewhat familiarity to the devices that lay in many peoples’ pockets these days, make our kiosk a tool that consumers are extremely comfortable using for their day today vacation planning.

The Advertiser:
The 17- minute video loop (b- roll) on the homepage of the kiosk provides immediate exposure of the advertisement for passer buyers who otherwise might have never known about or have never seen a business. Furthermore, advertisers also receive full analytics from everyone that interacts with the advertisement