Digital TouchPoint

A Touch of the Future

AdOnTheBox (AOTB) is wholly owned subsidiary of TransFirst Media a Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) company established in 2016 and based in Orlando, FL, the tourist capital of the world.

AOTB sits at the forefront of advertising with a technology- based marketing platform. AOTB is a multimedia advertising and technology company that uses digital interactive signage and kiosks that are placed in lobbies and other key areas throughout hotels, resorts, and increased traffic areas. With the use of these digital kiosks AOTB has forged a path for local consumer- based companies to systematically reach out to their individual consumers.

Each advertisement that is placed on the kiosk has live video content, a brief description of what each business offers, basic information each consumer needs to know, and an ability to send all the information directly to the consumer’s handheld device.

As if that was not enough, each individual kiosk collects live data on how many “touches” every location and advertisement is receiving. As well as the TCPA compliant information (emails, phone numbers, and names) that is entered in by each consumer assisting with future marketing endeavors.